Tips on Cutting Stainless Steel

It is as very easy to cut stainless steel as it is with mild steel. Metal fabricators should pick the appropriate Stainless Steel CNC Plasma Cutting devices to successfully reduce stainless steel plate or sheet. Despite the correct devices there are numerous process-related variables that call for interest. Torch-to-material distance control, accurate device motion controls, the suitable plasma gas along with guard gas … all these variables are essential in the manufacturing of ready-to-weld plasma cut sides on every stainless steel thickness.


Devices Required

In order to plasma cut stainless steel through a CNC plasma, stainless steel producers call for the devices mentioned below:

1. Very accurate equipment movement controls.

2. Extremely smooth linear drive system.

3. Software manages that compensate immediately, and also provide the appropriate rate, velocity in addition to slowdown for the lots of part attributes.

The Needed Gases

In plasma reducing stainless steel, fabricators are able to efficiently refine the stainless-steel by utilizing either nitrogen or blends of nitrogen, hydrogen and argon as plasma gases. Such plasma gases create a non-oxidizing plasma arc that in turn generates a clean-cut side, fully weld-ready without having to have any additional operations.
Nitrogen and also nitrogen blends successfully improves electrode life as it avoids the formation of oxide right on the tip of the metallic element hafnium electrode. Hafnium is really a metallic element ingrained within the electrode that is fully suitable with the oxygen, in the form of a plasma gas to achieve steel cutting.

Oxygen Not Required

It interests note that oxygen needs to not be used as a plasma gas in plasma cutting stainless steel. This is due to the oxidizing features of oxygen that leaves a contaminated, oxidized, cut side. Like oxygen, compressed air additionally needs to not be used for cutting stainless steel since air has sufficient oxygen to infect the cut edge.

Shield Gases

In general, nitrogen is used as a shield gas for all stainless steel cutting.
The guard gas serves many purposes as defined listed below:

* The shield gas aids in the avoidance of molten pierced steel from entering contact with the guard cap and also nozzle while cutting as well as puncturing are taking place.

* It shields the shield cap as well as nozzle from double-arcing.

* It gives a method for the high-speed flushing of the kerf.

These are a few of the ways that producers utilize to make plasma cut stainless-steel with the lotos plasma cutter.