Computer Monitor – Is Higher Resolution Better?

Resolution Kills Structure Rate

Framework Rate is the number of still pictures that are cycled with your monitor or TV each 2nd frequently called Frames Per Secondly or simply FPS. The eye as well as mind interact to perceive activity at about 30 FPS. However that easy explanation has resulted in a lot of misconceptions about just needing 30 FPS while significantly understating the intricacy of human view as well as perception. Higher FPS does have a lot of advantages as well as studies have actually revealed that people could view and also identify points as high as 220 FPS.

The Majority Of TV and Movie movie is done at 24 FPS as well as 30 FPS is thought about the minimal acceptable FPS for pc gaming so most consoles are developed to perform at specifically that however many computer displays perform at 65hz refresh rate which is 65 FPS. New screens are appearing that could run at over 200hz. The advantages of higher structure rates include smoother game play and aid competitive players reduce their response time by shortening target recognition time. The even more frameworks you could get the better! However pc gaming in 4k will certainly spoil your frame rate.

Just how does resolution play right into structure price? Each frame needs to be made. It takes twice as much power to make 60 FPS as it does 30 FPS which makes sense right? A 1080p framework is 2,073,600 individual pixels but a 4K structure is 8,294,400 pixels which is precisely 4 times more than 1080p and also needs 4 times the graphics and computing power to render each framework. Partially 1 of this series we discovered you probably can not even see all the pixels you are taking a look at if you have a 4k monitor and currently you are either shedding structure price for pixels you cannot see. Even worse is if you have a gaming display with 144hz or 200hz you are not going to get anywhere near those refresh prices despite having the very best equipment on the marketplace! Also a $1200 Nvidia Titan X on a first-rate gaming construct averages around 60 FPS in 4K.

When we talk about resolution, we all know that the other brands have nothing to say to NVIDIA. NVIDIA today is offering a top-rated monitor called G Sync that is designed for people who love to spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens. Typically, g sync monitors are not expensive. You will get exactly what you paid. Visit to learn more about g sync monitors.

So now you have pixels you most likely cannot see that are minimizing your FPS, unless you spend a ton of money on hardware to get greater FPS for pixels you probably cannot see, which can also keep you from obtaining one of the most from your pricey high refresh price 4K screen if you purchase on of those.